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  1. Exidy Classics

    Version 1.0.0


    Well since releasing my first 2 XMLs (MAME Horror Games and William's Classics) I've been quite busy with other projects like Dungeons & Dragons,Terrordrome, Visual Pinball, and Future Pinball. I've also been playing/restoring my ColecoVision console and noticed there are quite a few great games by Exidy. I decided to whip up an Exidy Classics XML and Main Menu theme for your enjoyment. The Exidy Classics XML can be found here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/12379-exidy-classics/ The Exidy Classics Main Menu Theme can be found here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/12379-exidy-classics/ Incidentally, I never copy and paste all the MAME artwork into these Arcade Classics folders. There is a much better way using symbolic links. I simply PICK the video folder from the MAME media directory and DROP it in the media folder for the new system (in this case Exidy Classics). For a full explanation on how to do this and save a lot of time and space look here: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/
  2. Dungeons & Dragons

  3. Slow DSU speeds

    Something must have been fixed/reset because I am now getting a lot faster speeds (~ 300kb/sec) vs the past 2 days at ~ 50kb/sec.
  4. Slow DSU speeds

    I am experiencing the same slowness downloading videos via the HyperSync program. It's been like this at least since yesterday but I see from the original post, it's been like this for a long time. I'm trying to download the GameCube videos and after about 2 hours it's about 10-15% complete. I tried logging into the FTP and copying that way but the same thing. I've never seen it this slow. Anyone know the issue?
  5. Dungeons & Dragons

    Version 1.0


    Main Menu/System Intro video for the Dungeons & Dragons PDF Reader system.
  6. Version


    Atari Jaguar CD System Intro Video.
  7. Atari Jaguar CD Video Snaps



    Atari Jaguar CD Video Snaps.
  8. Terrordrome



    The crew at Huracan Studio just released a new version 2.10 of this fantastic game on Halloween. I've had this set up in my Hyperspin Main Menu for quite some time now and wanted to share it with you all. I did not create the menu graphics but collected them from around the web and thought there needed to be some easy place to find them. I am uploading the XML I created, the main menu graphics from sinistersix, the main menu wheel art, and the gameplay video. Please contact me if you need help getting the game to work correctly. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Visual Pinball Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Visual Pinball was a mess and needed some sort of cohesion with the videos, artwork, and database. I don't want to take credit for others' hard work. The videos, wheel images and original database were all preexisting before I got a hold of them. I just attempted to make a cohesive set. In doing so, I came out with 303 that matched up rather well. These are the corresponding videos, named as the XML and Wheel Images. This is by no means a complete set of what's available for Visual Pinball. There are over a thousand tables available that are updated all the time. This core set, however, is pretty much the best of what's available. This set is designed to assist someone starting out with VP or anyone who has never taken the time to get VP fully functional. NOTE -- PLEASE USE THE WHEEL PACK CREATED BY 32ASSASSIN and the XML database created by MALARRYA found on the HYPERSPIN Forums. You need ALL 5 PARTS of this pack. 1. The videos/artwork/XML for these games are for the DESKTOP VERSIONS of the pinball games. This means NOT FULLSCREEN tables but 3/4 VIEW tables. This is generally desirable for an upright arcade machine or TV 2. THESE ARE FOR VP 9.x.x tables. However, about a dozen or so are version 8.x.x tables which, from my testing, run fine in VP 9.x.x. 3. If you download a VP table, you'll need to RENAME it manually to the what the XML DB has. You can use the Rename ROMs tool found here on the forums or COPY from RocketLauncher and PASTE in the filename. This can be tedious but then again, there's no standard and I can't give everyone all the tables already renamed. I'm sure you may have a way that's fast for you to rename but if you need help please ask. 4. If you donate $10 to VPForums you'll get much faster download speeds and the latest tables. If you torrent the tables they will be pretty old and really a waste of time. You want the latest versions. Please let me know if you encounter any oddities with the pack. Enjoy!
  10. Version 1.0


    Intro video for the the Hyperspin main menu Williams Classics system. Basically, this is a collage of various games produced by Williams Arcade.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm looking for the INTRO videos to the systems listed in the Topic Title. If anyone can direct me to these, share, or create, I would be grateful. Atari Jaguar CD, Sega TriForce, Namco System 22, Williams Classics. Thanks, Larry