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  1. AttractMode is under kodi rom browser and above retropi
  2. Where do I start, Have premium/lifetimes on 3 different frontends Hyperspin, great when working breaks regularly only now have they started to develop it again. Threat from launchbox more than likely, bridges are burnt in all honesty for me had years of nothing but disappointment. Game Ex has the best backend out of anything I've ever used. Everything just works and the plugins people create make it seemless. The only downfall is the looks. Wheel support is now a thing and it looks to be going in the right direction there Launchbox is going in the right direction, hope all goes well with it Dev seems engaged in everything, it's not quite ready but it nearly there look forward to see how it turns out in all honesty.
  3. I see, i just went though the "official" PS2 on the ftp and uploaded the ones that ain't on there about 8 total, not a big haul but hay ho all helps i suppose I have started on Wii now, added boxshots, wasn't too sure if there are any around I have emumovie setup with gameex and downloaded 1 snap i think no boxshots? Will be filling in the videos missing for that
  4. Black is the only one, hay ho already uploaded lol Rest are D onwards Vdub I need to mess around with some quicktime plugins, i got the video to show but had ac1 or something needed for the audio, it gave me a ff00 error I gave up lol vegas just works so i'll stick with it Anyway i'll carry on few left to do, then gamecube next
  5. Ok understood I have looked through the COD one i did and quality is a bit rubbish, for now I have started on the PS2 games I will be uploading to the FTP today and tomorrow have got around 9 or 10 to do off the list. Have done 3 already, just give me a shout if they are rubbish I used a fresh install on PCSX 2 left it to native, using Sony vegas to trim as virtualdub hates shadowplay stuff for some reason
  6. I see lol Well shadowplay decided to record at 59.9fps so it reverts to 30fps but i can edit in sony vegas and get it to 60fps ill set it to 480p on there and everyone can check it out, then i will continue doing some more
  7. Yeah i'll have a look at set everything to native, just ran game again at it's locked at 30fps. I will fiddle about. I'll be back EDIT 60fps ain't going to happen, it's locked as it speeds everything up. Quite comical lol
  8. Just sent one over to ftp call of duty 2 big red one in shermo/nintendo gamecube submissions if that is what you are after i will continue to do some more
  9. I would of thought the same.But have to check!Have around a 100 to do be nice if there is more than 1 person using them. But will wait for conformation
  10. I'm currently going through some of my roms without video. As I have only around 25-50 per system was going to do them myself also a few GameCube games with the new plugins (Mario tennis for example) no longer glitch. At the same time I was going to submit them here as well. You have no issues with me using shadowplay? Caputures 60fps and is high quality.
  11. I usually just let my frontends do the work But it's about time i jumped on here and thanked everyone involved!
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