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    1. no problem thanks for getting back to me and letting me know mate I appreciate it.
    2. Hi sorry for my late reply mate I was thinking along the lines of system start up/boot sounds and possibly hyperspin wheel sounds just want to help out anyway I can tbh plus it seems like best way for me to show my appreciation for what everyone does here especially since I have no cash to donate ATM but I will one day I hope so I can get access to this magicall FTP I hear so much about Edit: P.S I did add some Sega 32X hyperspin wheel sounds to the upload here on this site a few weeks back just waiting to see if their allowed before I add more link if interested > http://emumovies.com/f
    3. Thanks for the reply mate look forward to seeing it also I will try to catch you live aswell shouldn't be a problem tho as i'm in the same time zone as you just need to know the time/s you'll be streaming mate.
    4. You don't mention about Audio above so iv'e sent you a PM regarding this mate.
    5. Sorry if you misunderstood mate I wasn't asking how much space they require was simply implying they can take up alot of space especially if you want it looking nice with all artwork/videos etc.... anyways any updates on what your next video will be for mate?
    6. BTW when I say install space I mean storage space overall with all the artwork/video's etc....
    7. No problem just keep making your awesome videos and i'm sure you'll continue helping many more people out. I also had a look at some other front ends before finally deciding to stick with HyperSpin although the only downfall I have with it is the amount of install space it requires but that is a price im willing to pay for it all to be looking pretty
    8. thats a good idea im sure alot of new (and existing users) of hyperspin could benefit in some way from he's video's their pretty informative.
    9. thanks to everyone involved in keeping this site going and updated with new content im sure everyone appreciates it (I know i do) and I shal try be more active on the here forum thanks again everyone
    10. I dont know why but ive always been drawn to Pac-Man theirs just something about him but theirs way to many characters to have a favourite.
    11. can't remember the 1st game i played but one that i remember playing alot as a kid was alex the kid the one that was preloaded on the sega master system 2 but theirs alot of classics out there.
    12. Hi austin just wanted to thank you for your youtube channel been a big help in starting to get my hyperspin set back up seeing as its been a while since i last used hyperspin so thanks mate
    13. Been using the site for a while and thaught its time for me to say hi so Hi Everybody also want to thank everyone who makes this site possible so thanks and happy gaming.
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