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  1. Arcade - NFL Blitz Snes - UN Squadron
  2. So many programs out there, I just cant find any I like.
  3. Glad I came across this forum, was about to start working on dream cast. Tired of burning disk. lol.
  4. hmm I never thought about keeping them zipped. I know hyperspin works with 7zip just never saw the point and trying. I assume this would help with lag when playing ps1
  5. I was using a snes usb controller with my cab and it was working very well. than I added ps1 to my hyperspin setup and went with a ps3 wireless controller. works great sometimes but the bugs are endless. My advice, figure out your end game first and stick to it. Altering things as you go, although possible, definitely can halt progression.
  6. Depending on the art work, its going to look sick! Cant wait to see the finished product.
  7. Somebody doesn't finish there projects. lmao
  8. Nifty cab. Never could get into the bar top though.
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