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  1. I figured this is the most approporiate place to post this. I whipped up a boxart for Cemu and Dolphin to use for Nvidia Gamestream. I made it using images I found from a google search. I am including the Paint.net file so anyone can move the images around however they like. The box art size is 628 x 888. Also as a side note, gamestream created box art is stored at %AppData%\Local\NVIDIA\NvBackend\StreamingAssets. Cemu Box art.pdn Dolphon box art.pdn
  2. I will check out hyperCam 3. It won't be for a little while that I get to try again, but I will. I watched that video in the tutorial, but I was having a hard time even getting it into Virtual Dub. I thoiught It would be as easy as record in camtasia & edit in Vdub. Then I see it made a .camrec file. I assumed it was as easy as open video in camtasia, choose export video, choose the right setting & done. Instead, they have "produce & share", which took me a lil bit to realize that was their export. Could Vdub cut a clip & past it at the end of the video? Your right, I am - KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid
  3. I decided to give it a go making a couple of video's for DOS games. I read up on Circo's tutorial. I downloaded Vdub & 30 day trial of Camtasia studio. Video's were recorded using camtasia studio. I tried for a while to edit the video's, but mostly, I would have sound but no video. I somehow was able to edit ripper by unlinking audio 1 & video & drag audio 2 to audio 1. (Only worked that one time). I cut a lot out and moved the opening title to the end. I then selected "produce & share". I produced as CD so it was AVI format keeping original aspect. Video was almost 2 min for my HS setup, & was going to make a 2nd shorter one for the FTP but I wasn't able to go back to editing! I spent a while trying to get back to it, then after all afternoon messing with it I just called it quits. I was able to open the files & produce as CD to get to AVI format without editing. Sorry, I tried, but it is best left to the veterans. I upped the 4 AVI's to the ftp (.../bizzar721/DOS) if anyone wants to edit & use them, otherwise they were just gunna end up in the recycle bin. I have the original .camrec file still on my PC as well if anyone wants. -Ripper -Duke Nukem 3D -Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold -Toonstruck
  4. That would be awesome. I'll keep my eye open!
  5. This is my first request - I need a system intro for my "PC Games" wheel on HS. I will be including games from the era of Wolfenstien 3D, Duke Nukem 3d, & those great apogge games that you could walk into radio shack & buy the shareware version on a bright blue 3.5" floppy. Thanks for your time!
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