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  1. I've had some issues come up over the last several days, so I will put up three new ones today. The first is Eight Ball Action: 8ballact.zip
  2. Today's game is one of my favorites: Crazy Climber. I used to play this everyday with my lunch money. I had to edit the actual bezel because it was covering up parts of the game - it was stretched and modified so the instructions and top artwork would fit. cclimber.zip
  3. Today's bezel is Captain America and the Avengers: captavnu.zip
  4. However, I was much happier with how Asteroids Deluxe turned out: astdelux.zip
  5. This is Asteroids - I'm not real pleased as I had to shrink the screen size because of the Asteroids on the left side of the bezel, but moving them to the left and off the screen is a little beyond my humble capabilities - I just wasn't happy with the results, so here it is: asteroid.zip
  6. And to celebrate my success at this, here is a bonus, Space Invaders Deluxe: invaddlx.zip
  7. MAME2003 doesn't support layers and backgrounds, so after many tests and experiments, I have come up with this bezel for Space Invaders. There's no way to do the red and green stripes, but the moon background is there and I am pleased with the results. Make sure you use the scripts in the zip file to make it show up correctly. invaders.zip
  8. And as a bonus, Pac-Man Plus (and yes, it is different from the Pac-Man bezel): pacplus.zip
    What a great job! A+++
  9. Wow! What a great job! These boxes look spectacular! I love the gloss on the side of the box. How did you do that? Is that a layer in a template?
  10. And as a bonus to round out the classic Williams' trio - Robotron 2084: robotron.zip
  11. Today's bezel is different. This is my first Horizontal bezel and it took some time to do. Presenting Berzerk! The video image is the same size as the vertical games: 1080x810 - a 4:3 ratio. I had to stretch the bezel so you could see the whole screen - the Robot's arm was covering up the gameplay field, so it's a slight modification from the original bezel. berzerk.zip
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