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  1. And last but not least, Armored Car: armorcar.zip
  2. I've had some issues come up over the last several days, so I will put up three new ones today. The first is Eight Ball Action: 8ballact.zip
  3. Today's game is one of my favorites: Crazy Climber. I used to play this everyday with my lunch money. I had to edit the actual bezel because it was covering up parts of the game - it was stretched and modified so the instructions and top artwork would fit. cclimber.zip
  4. Today's bezel is Captain America and the Avengers: captavnu.zip
  5. However, I was much happier with how Asteroids Deluxe turned out: astdelux.zip
  6. This is Asteroids - I'm not real pleased as I had to shrink the screen size because of the Asteroids on the left side of the bezel, but moving them to the left and off the screen is a little beyond my humble capabilities - I just wasn't happy with the results, so here it is: asteroid.zip
  7. And to celebrate my success at this, here is a bonus, Space Invaders Deluxe: invaddlx.zip
  8. MAME2003 doesn't support layers and backgrounds, so after many tests and experiments, I have come up with this bezel for Space Invaders. There's no way to do the red and green stripes, but the moon background is there and I am pleased with the results. Make sure you use the scripts in the zip file to make it show up correctly. invaders.zip
  9. And as a bonus, Pac-Man Plus (and yes, it is different from the Pac-Man bezel): pacplus.zip
    What a great job! A+++
  10. Wow! What a great job! These boxes look spectacular! I love the gloss on the side of the box. How did you do that? Is that a layer in a template?
  11. And as a bonus to round out the classic Williams' trio - Robotron 2084: robotron.zip
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