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  1. All runs ok in Winuae, but I don't how to use Virtual Dub .... I'm interrested with the little tuto Do you wnat I continue the same way ? 2-3 min gameplay and 1min game title ? in avi format ?
  2. So I've just created a "FiF" Folder and upped a vid "Mr do run run" (not whdloaded yet but it will come soon ) changed the compression param to best - hope it'll be ok
  3. Horses are tired ... wheels to complete entire set, vids to help you, kustom wheels because it's cleaner on the cab ... how can I explain that to my deaaaar wife ?! 10 years married 06/17 ...
  4. arf ok .... I thought I could save your time doing like this Do you want I create a sub folder to up the avi files ?
  5. I'm upping them on your folder : FiFou Megaroids 20 meg & FiFou Pioneer Plague 56 meg (glups) will be done in about 10 mins
  6. I made the vid again with Winuae with your configs I'll post it tomorrow on the ftp hope it'll be ok to make other ones and follow with Amiga set
  7. Thx for settings ! just a question where do you find TSCC codec ? It seems that I haven't this one on my comp' ....
  8. I've recorded one vid directly from Winuae I'll post it on the FTP next monday for your approval
  9. Hello bLAZER I'm working at home today and wanted to record some Amiga vids but .... I'm using Camstasia 7 and winuaeloader 1.72 I select the area that I wanted to record (winuae windowed 720x576) but when I stop to record to preview the vid I have a black screen The fact is that I can record anything but Winuae .... shame .... Do you also use Camstasia or other tool to record you vids ? see ya
  10. Hello there ! I'm FiFou from Paris I'm a video games collector Emulation is the best way for me to keep old must have games alive I have a NewAstroCity cab with Hyperspin in it I made some arcade themes for this fantastic FE Actually I'm completing Amiga Set with Ripsnort06 (wheels, boxart) and wanted to help bLAZER with vids (still much to do) see ya !
  11. Dear Circo,

    Thx again for this hard work - I've just subscribe to your new nice board

    Could please send me my access to the ftp ?

    The email I signed in was : laurinexavier@emumovies.com

    Thx - FiFou

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