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  1. Just for everyone's info: I sent a support ticket request instead, and the reason was that I already got a better discount because of my membership group. Problem solved ?
  2. Thank you for asking and answering to this question! Should be helpful for many collectors ?
  3. Shaders are possibly one of the best features with Retroarch ? As others have said, there are lots to read about this on their website.
  4. I prefer launching through Steam Big Picture, and using the in-built controller mapping, but earlier I used Xpadder. Never tried this, but good with alternatives ? Thanks!
  5. Sounds like a brilliant tool ? Thank you!
  6. I use the Steam Controller and the Sony DS4 ? Sometimes the Xbox 360 controller as well.
  7. Zipped if they are still playable, and it doesn't impair the use of the best emulator for the game. Smaller space = room for more games ?
  8. Great initiative! Please let me know if I can help! Possibly something to make a spreadsheet of (e.g. shared on Google Drive)?
  9. I feel Pac-Man should get an honorary mention in this kind of thread ?
  10. Hadn't missed it until I read your post, but now: Yes! ? Super Mario RPG is awesome fun!
  11. I am far too late to the party here (and possibly geographically excluded anyway), but thanks for sharing ?
  12. Agree! Just (re)discovered the site, and I will try to be an active part of the community ?
  13. LaunchBox! However, just recently heard of Playnite, and will try that out as well ? Have tried ECC, GameEnd and using Kodi and Steam/ICE, but so far LaunchBox with Big Box hits the sweet spot for me.
  14. A lot of cool and very impressive work in this thread ? Happy gaming!
  15. Wow, this is some fantastic work that deserves more publicity! Thank you very much for sharing! ?
  16. Not 100 % sure, but believe it was MegaMania on my older sister's Atari 2600 ? First game that I owned was Super Mario World on SNES.
  17. Wish I had seen this earlier ? Hi everyone, Daniel from Norway here. Happy, peaceful guy enjoying life with my wife. Enjoy gaming, football, watching movies, law, learning new stuff and listening to music. Dislike intolerance, injustice and other mean things. Not sure what there is to know about me, but please don't hesitate to ask if you are wondering about anything ?
  18. Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X for me. Several playthroughs, trying to 100 % these gems takes time ?
  19. I really like the music from Final Fantasy games (Uematsu = genius), as wll as the Kingdom Hearts series , Donkey Kong series and the later Rayman games (which has some fantastic music based levels).
  20. I jumped to PC gaming after the PS2, so I have never owned any of these. Actually, I have barely played them... ? One game I still want to play is Red Dead Redemption! On the Wii I love Super Mario Galaxy 1+2 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Rockstar Table Tennis is also a fun game (yes, I am a sucker for Rockstar Games :)).
  21. DRM-free is the way to go ? Thank you for this!
  22. Hi! I have got a Launchbox Premium licence, and upon purchase, I received a 25 % discount code for EmuMovies. However, when I try to use this on the checkout page, I get the following error code: You are not allowed to use this coupon. Apply Coupon Does anyone know what the problem could be? ?
  23. Just one of many reasons for financially supporting this great site ?
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