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  1. Just for everyone's info: I sent a support ticket request instead, and the reason was that I already got a better discount because of my membership group. Problem solved ?
  2. DBergamelli

    Super Escape

    Very useful! Thanks ?
  3. DBergamelli

    Checking collections?

    Thank you for asking and answering to this question! Should be helpful for many collectors ?
  4. DBergamelli

    retro arch shaders

    Shaders are possibly one of the best features with Retroarch ? As others have said, there are lots to read about this on their website.
  5. DBergamelli


    I prefer launching through Steam Big Picture, and using the in-built controller mapping, but earlier I used Xpadder. Never tried this, but good with alternatives ? Thanks!
  6. DBergamelli

    Fuzzy Rename

    Sounds like a brilliant tool ? Thank you!
  7. DBergamelli

    Favorite Controller

    I use the Steam Controller and the Sony DS4 ? Sometimes the Xbox 360 controller as well.
  8. Zipped if they are still playable, and it doesn't impair the use of the best emulator for the game. Smaller space = room for more games ?
  9. Great initiative! Please let me know if I can help! Possibly something to make a spreadsheet of (e.g. shared on Google Drive)?
  10. DBergamelli

    Best Arcade Game Ever?

    I feel Pac-Man should get an honorary mention in this kind of thread ?
  11. DBergamelli

    Super Mario RPG 2, am I the only one?

    Hadn't missed it until I read your post, but now: Yes! ? Super Mario RPG is awesome fun!
  12. DBergamelli

    Steam Link on sale (cheap as chips)

    I am far too late to the party here (and possibly geographically excluded anyway), but thanks for sharing ?
  13. Agree! Just (re)discovered the site, and I will try to be an active part of the community ?
  14. DBergamelli

    What Frontend Do YOU Use?

    LaunchBox! However, just recently heard of Playnite, and will try that out as well ? Have tried ECC, GameEnd and using Kodi and Steam/ICE, but so far LaunchBox with Big Box hits the sweet spot for me.