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  1. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    Funny thing is you do need a lot of space to build this thing. Once it is done however it doesn't take that much space. At least mine doesn't Latest update is that i bought a bar stool, here is a pic
  2. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    Thank you my Canadian friends. Tedd i await for your post when you start your build.
  3. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. Indeed it was a labor of love, and I am really proud of myself that i went through with it. Is it perfect? ... No!, Would I change some things if i had the chance?...yes, but they are really minor annoyances. As far as T-mold is concerned, I thought about it, but it is not necessary, the cab sits at least 5cm above the ground so there is no fear of damage really, and since i don't have a router, I wont mess with it and F it up. Some specs of the build It rans a dual core intel CPU 6600 if im not mistaken, with 2GB RAM, and a GTX460 2GB VGA. It runs fine almost all games I am interested at the moment, i.e. Rocket League runs perfectly fine. The systems currently used are Mame, Amiga and Steam, with a couple of Mugen games. Here are some more pics of the final build. Tell you the truth it looks better in real life ;)
  4. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    I know I havent posted in a while, well everyday life chores and problems kept me away from my project and i've only had 2 weekends to work on it. So here is the (booooring) sanding and staining part. The stain is water based. Gluing the drawer some more work done Almost there and reassembly. Something worth noticing that ive found the "hard" way: when the wood is stained, it swells and i mean quite a lot. It changed the measurements and i had trouble fitting some of the pieces and passing the screws through the drilled panels. Now its time for the electronics, but thats a work for another weekend.
  5. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    Oh yeah i knew that. But i had to see it in full with all the buttons etc. I designed the cabinet so that it can be disassembled and reassembled at will so now i completely took it apart for the staining. As far as the Marquee goes it will stay like that for the time being. I want to finish the staining process asap. I am also considering cutting wooden letters. We ll see.
  6. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    Drilled the cp. Ive decided to follow titchgamer advice and go with the 2 row-4 buttons layout since i found ready templates at slagcoin.com. Also ive drilled holes for the speakers and added a mesh And put it all together. The cabinet is pretty much complete at this point. Now for the dreaded sanding and staining of the wood.
  7. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    The monitor is attached. The plan changed since the AOC monitor is not available at the moment. So instead ive used a samsung 24 inch
  8. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    I surely like to see a post about your build some day. Here are some more pics to get you pumped :P
  9. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    First time standing on itself

    Double post please delete

    Thats a great place. This reminds me a similar cafe-bar that we have in Athens. It is called Superfly and it is a heavily 80s-90s theme bar Here is their Facebook group https://m.facebook.com/superflycafebar/ It has a mame arcade machine, different consoles (SNES, Mega Drive etc) hooked up to a TV that you can freely play and even a pinball machine. First time i went there i was like a small kid again because the decoration includes a lot of toys from that area.
  12. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    Ok guys here is some of the work ive done over the weekend P. S. Woodworking is haaard!
  13. Arcade Dreams Cabinet Project

    Here you go buddy!