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  1. Thanks again B2K24, you got a PM. You're right, I don't want to cause any trouble here.
  2. Thanks a lot B2K24, it's super informative, exactly the kind of info I needed. Is there a way to know which of my games are still compatible with the newer version of Mame or do I have to redownload them all?
  3. Thanks a lot for this technical explanation B2K24, I understand better now. Time for me to set up a new MAME library.
  4. Thank you for your advice Don, I'm actually building a LaunchBox setup and I agree with you that it's as close as it gets to the windows equivalent of OpenEmu. Yet I would not advise a total beginner to "just use it" with some roms like I would for OpenEmu. It's very good for someone with some knowledge though.
    Very good snaps, thank you uploader.
    Very very beautiful artwork!
    Awesome. Thanks a lot.
    Decent quality. Thank you.
    I love this type of boxes where you only have the cover art. Quality is top notch also. Thanks a lot.
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