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  1. Have to say that I don't remember what I noticed a month ago. I remember that FAQ was very very limited (2-3 questions?). There are so many things that can be moved away from guides (or in addition to them with reference to them) and put in FAQ. FAQ is the first thing a newbie checks (or should).
  2. I am biased, but it all depends on the generation. Since we are in an emulation oriented site, which is tightly connected with "retro", I would go for the Amiga and its ultra-rich mod collection (and also fantastic gaming music), or I would go back to 8 bits where C64 SID music ruled everything on planet Earth. This was later even used on a "real" production: As I said I am biased.
  3. Hmmm it is all a bit a hazy as I was very young. It is possible that the first video game I played is on our Atari 2600 (or a friend next door Atari - we probably got it with a couple of months apart - don't remember who came first)... possibly Night Rider or Asteroids. Also it is quite possible that before our Atari, I had played as a toddler on some coin-op, that was back then in coffee houses and even amusement parks. Possibly Pac-Man or even some monochrome rally (what was the name) that had colored coated screen. As for computer, a friends VIC-20 for sure. Possibly Rat Race. This was what got me into computing, as I was mesmerized (not by the game, by the whole "thing") and maybe a year later got my own C64.
  4. Swaggers don't rename files in SCUMMVM games. Folder matching is nice. There is a front-end that can extract SCUMMVM games.
  5. Please not that I edited my post above (someone may miss the new info).
  6. I think since SCUMMVM doesn't have a proper naming convention (of single game "containers" I mean, not the contents themselves) and instead relies on specific files that need to be preset to identify each game, we have to rely on well known collections. eXo (in PleasureDome) has a loose naming convention for the folders (in categories), but I think a more detailed one (and a way bigger collection including all languages, plus resudualvm, plus infocom etc.) is from Gruby (google Gruby's AdventurePack), with dats and everything. Examples from both collections: eXo: Alternate Languages/Simon the Sorcerer 2 (CD, Spanish).zip Working/Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (Floppy DOS v2).zip Gruby: ScummVM\cruise\cruise-amiga-de.zip ResidualVM\myst3\myst3-win-1.zip I am not sure if removing folder info, the filenames are unique, yet it looks like it. I believe it is only normal that if someone extracts those, uses as folder name the zip name. Note that for Gruby collection there is also a front-end made specially for the collection that extracts the zips for use by SCUMMVM, which is potentially interesting for LaunchBox (or GameEx). You may need to get in contact? (let me know if I can help)
  7. Actually many do it nowadays and there is even hardware to do it (!) on LCD monitors. Like this: (interesting how a 2014 thread about an LCD monitor turned to this...)
  8. I think I've noticed there are no pinned topics in the forum (or anywhere). It is all sorted by date. Is this a "design" decision? There are threads that could be pushed up either because they are very helpful (and the FAQ very empty) or they are continuously interesting or to keep some things organized and clean.
  9. I know there should be a way out. My father was waking up at 6 in the morning to play with our Atari 2600. After that period he rarely touched ANY gaming device. He did like Oil's Well on CBM64, but nothing close to a syndrome. Me on the other hand...
  10. In my design (still on design board) I use 7 buttons in two lines "naturally" positioned. Some extra buttons in other places too (including pinball buttons).
  11. FAQ should be greatly expanded. That said, the page design is very clean and "to the point".
  12. Putting LaunchBox on Switch is not emulation. You need the actual emulators ported. Possibly Libretro will come for it.
  13. Since I own a Switch (for my son), I really hope emulation ON it will soon happen...
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