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  1. I agree with What2be, a FAQ or even a video tutorial would be awesome. I would make one, but I don't know much about what DSU supports or how it works. I just finished my first set up of Hyperspin and am now making it look pretty. So I currently can't log in. Is anyone else having issues logging in using DSU? Maybe I am just impatient (I paid 12 hours ago), but I would like to start getting some videos using the DSU. After entering the same information to sign into the site, a message box states login failure. I haven't tried the FTP yet, but probably will tomorrow. Is the login information different than the site? If so where do I get that login information. Thanks in advance. -Jon I have seen posts regarding this error in older versions, and their answer is to submit a support ticket. So, if I can't login by Tuesday night, I will have to do that, but to be fair I will wait a few days.
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