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  1. jimjim

    Captain America Bartop

    Pictures of my Captain America Bartop
  2. I'll post some shots of it later this week. I got my restorer all lined up for it. It is going to be a beauty. Can't wait.
  3. Quick little story to share. On my local Craig's List was a group of route games for sale for 4000. A big crane, beanie crane, candy machines on a rack, sticker machine, and an Attack From Mars. I figured the Attack From Mars was worth 3500-4000. I called and asked about just getting the pinball. The guy said "No, it is a package deal and I would have to take all of them.", so I said okay. Called up some people I knew and got rid of the sticker, beanie and candy machines. Saw an ad on CL that a elderly lady was looking for a crane machine and would pay 500 bucks. Perfect I thought. Called her up and everybody else wanted to sell her little machines. She saw the pictures and was thrilled. Everything was going perfect until: 1. Couldn't fit the crane through the bowling alley doors. It took my brother and I 10 minutes to take the damn door off to get that machine out., and then 2 hours to put them back on. The door hinge was rusty and wouldn't close right. 2. My brother nicked the edge of the machine putting it into his truck. Pissed me off, but I didn't complain as he did volunteer to help and I am going to restore it anyways. 3. The lady who owned the bowling alley gave me grief, because, " I didn't know the route guy was going to sell my customer's favorite pin. If I knew he was selling it, you would have never got it. That is a 25,000 dollar pin he sold to you for 4000." I pulled up some sites on phone and showed her some stuff to prove that I only got a deal because I got somebody to buy the other machines and didn't have to have the game shipped it to me. She still believed the pin was worth $25,000. (Hindsight: I should have offered it to her for $12,000, but I'm not that way) The route guy said nobody wanted the other games and that is why he sold me the whole deal. Everybody had balked at taking everything. Kind of find that hard to believe, but that's what he told me. Machine was dirty as hell. Almost all the lights were burnt out., says it has over 20,000 plays, and made around $9000 in the audits. (Have to check the exact amount again, also believe that it was reset at sometime.) SOL hole wear, mismatched targets, soot everywhere, highly played machine. The 4 machines sold for 1200 combined, so I ended up with an AFM for 2800. My first CL score.
  4. Thought this was cool. A guy from England that goes by the name m-o-j-o has miniatures of 70 different models 1/12 scale of arcade and pinball machines. Link: http://stores.ebay.com/Shrink-Ray-Miniatures Great for people who collect gameroom nicknacks. .
  5. I know that last April Fool's Day there was an image of the Ipad turning into an arcade machine that fooled me and thousands of other people, but now somebody has made the idea become a reality. The iCade is a docking station that uses the Ipad to turn it into an arcade machine. More great news, it seems that it will only cost 99 bucks. It was being showed at the CES show in Vegas. http://www.everythingicafe.com/icade-turns-your-ipad-into-an-arcade/2011/01/09/ Cool
  6. It does seem to load faster with the light vs dark theme.
  7. Not too sluggish for me, running Google Chrome. Like the new background, and recent videos at the top.
  8. Here is link to the person who made it. It is not in productions, but rather it was created by a fan. http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/06/15/mortal-kombat-reloaded-a-directors-quest-to-remake-a-game-to-movie-franchise/?src=mv Ironically, he pans the first Mortal Kombat for casting Christopher Lambert in the role of Raiden. Probably one of the best movies, but it still took licenses and veered away from the game. Older video games don't really translate into movies. What can you really do with Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat that would deviate from the 35 year old Enter the Dragon? Newer games have a lot more story elements, older games writers and directors have to be more creative. Kind of hard to nail the essence of Pac man. That's why there is a franchise on Resident Evil movies and not Frogger movies. I agree most translations are crap and Uwe Boll's movies are the worst. House of the Dead was one of the worst movies that I ever sat through. I still would be interested in where this director/writer would take the film since he actually is familiar with the game and characters. I believe a good movie is a good movie. If he ties everything together in a coherent, character driven action flick, then I thing gamers will give him a pass with the creative licenses.
  9. Looks interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd4HAtUEdAw
  10. Okay, how about some love for Typhoon 2000. Cool Tempest remake. REQUEST FILLED http://www.emumovies.com/ccsmedia/videos/pcgames/Typhoon%202001%20[2006].flv
  11. Wow, never even heard of this game. Looks really nice. How mappable is it?
  12. Thought it pretty interesting as I collect different items. Here is the ebay link. All I can say is wow. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110514343174#ht_1737wt_1165
  13. I saw this on the pinball boards., and thought it would be better suited for this forum. Things you can do with an IPAD. http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/iCade.shtml?icpg=Carousel_iCade_1
  14. No, I left the computer on.

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