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  1. I don't know if to write it here but in the Super Nintendo videos FTP /Official/Video Snaps (HQ)/Nintendo Super Nintendo (Video Snaps)(HQ)(No-Intro 20210322)(EM 2.2)/USA the video "Star Fox (USA) (Rev 2) .mp4 is the Star Fox 2.
  2. Yes, I agree with the quality and sound of my videos, since I am new to this and only encodings hise something improvised. In fact I was surprised that these videos you were in the official folder. A what I meant in any case is that some of my videos the better, as the two videos mentioned example, which are clearly better quality. (The Bakushou! Star Monomane Shitennou (Japan) has a horrible sound and video at the beginning of that changed with the new one went up.) But if I have clearly not good as the officers, I did not know that sound and I would also like to know how to make that v
  3. You should check my new video updates, as there are many who improved, as some were seen with black stripes and fix, also there are others who add them to the final title. Compare for example the "Artelius (Japan)" or "Bakushou! Star Monomane Shitennou (Japan)" to update a few weeks ago. So could you update the official list. Deberías revisar mis nuevas subidas de vídeos, ya que hay muchos que mejoraron, ya que algunos se veían con franjas negras y los arregle, así como hay otros que les agregue el titulo final. Compara por ejemplo el "Artelius (Japan)" con el que actuali
  4. hello I think this is my first post, I wanted to ask about the possibility of snap or make videos movies, or trailers of these catches. (pardon my English, I'm from chile and I speak Spanish)
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