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  1. MAME HyperSpin Themed Videos (4x3) (HD) (Pack 12)

    hey thanks for this videos but there's a couple of games missing pack 12 ends with parodius.mp4 but pack 13 starts with pwrinst2.mp4 and there's a bunch of games between those two that i have like pdrift, puchout also suprslam, topbaldv missing in other packs, hope you can add more games in the future, thank for your work!
  2. Unified Widescreen Platform Video Themes (O-S (Part 1))

    Thank you very much! i've been with HyperSpin for years and the Themes are something that i always like and wanted to see on Launchbox now that i'm moving to this Front End and this videos would keep the Hypersping feeling when using LBx, thanks again and keep it up!