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  1. A "playlist of playlists" is easy to understand. Your top level playlist would be Consoles - Super NES, Super Famicom, NES, Famicom, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System... Like the main wheel on Hyperspin. Your 2nd level playlists would be each console - All games for SNES, All games for Super Famicom...
  2. Thanks Circo, I'm going to try that out right now. In the meantime I have manually copied over a couple games my son wants to play. I finished out the rest of the steps in the Cue Renamer, and I noticed it created a .bak file in every zip archive with the original (wrong) name of the rom. What's up with that??
  3. You have to manually copy each individual zip into an individual folder of the same name? Do that 2000 times in Windows shitty OS? There should be a tool to do that step as well.
  4. Long time HyperSpin user, recent LaunchBox convert here. I'm still using both and plan to keep it that way, although it seems HS is at a dead-end due to the language it's coded in while LB is taking off. I'm using RocketLauncher for both. Now if only there was a standardized art file structure for all FEs to use. I currently have two copies of all the art, one for HS and one for LB, I'm limited to a 3tb drive and not likely to buy more storage, but I don't see a way to configure one or the other FE to share the artwork. I'm afraid of breaking HS yet again. Every time I touch something in HS it breaks. That's the reason I don't have Pause, Bezels or anything else set up. HS punishes experimentation!
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