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  1. Hi I'm new around here and tried searching for this error on the boards before I posted this topic but I couldn't find anything. I understand the one download at a time rule to prevent mass leeching of files, however, I use flashget as a download manager and it downloaded the html file for the 32X video previews which is only the 101KB webpage, when I try to re-download the link without flashget i get the error "You may not download any more files until your other downloads are complete " How do I redownload the complete file or reset my download que? Thanks in advance for your help! Gjini
  2. Hi Everybody! I'm a generation X video gamer from South Africa, grew up with consoles and PC's all my life and I play a lot more retro games than I do my XBOX360 or PC! Looking forward to making some friends on the Boards! Gjini
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