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  1. Thanks, I have launchbox and the mame emulator sometimes needs to show the 2nd screen in games like punchout, but other can have a marquee. I am doing them one by one and it is massive in time!
  2. Hi, I know how to make .lay files and even how to add marquees, but I was wondering if there was a place that I can get them with Marquees and Bezels already added in most MAME games? Mr. Do website has a few, but only 180 or so of almost 900 games have marquees on them. Any place on EmuMovies that I can download a larger pack or marquee ready artwork files for Mame? Thanks!
  3. hi, Are there any downloads with all the Marquees in the .lay file? I see only a few bezel packs have it in place. Thanks!
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