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  1. B2K24 "Thanks for you're work Circo. Since GameEX and HS both support flv, is there any more need to be doing avi anymore?" Mala used FLV and Maximus Arcade only supports avi, and will never support avi as it's a dead project. It would be nice if front-ends supported both formats as I currently use 3 different front ends and the videos take a bite out of my Harddrives, thank got for the new 2TB drives But I understand the reason behind using the FLV format so I can see avi videos becoming extinct one day in Front-Ends. AVI would probably work fine on GameEx. but I doubt it would work well in HyperSpin due to the complicated themes, because you can't animate, stretch, rotate or add additional effects to normal .avi files.
  2. Right here!!! I'm an Maximus Arcade user. I've used many other frontends like HyperSpin, GameEx etc... but I like MA for it's ease of use. And it has pretty much all the features I need. MA is good for emu frontend beginners, and those that aren't overly interested in themeing to the last detail. I like HS and GEX, but they take a little more to set up, and have a bit of a learning curve to them, but they do look really nice, and have some really cool features too. I'd probably use HS more, but unlike MA, setting up your own folder structure is a little too time consuming for my taste.