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    1. Sweet Thanks for the fix Tom! Hmm, no "Check for updated artwork" in V1.9.6? It appears to automatically do that by default now eh?
    2. Carefull with your Assets over the last 12-24 hours guys, I recently was updating assets and found some issues with DSU placing the wrong art in the wrong folders. I think it's fixed now, so I didn't bug Circo or Spiers about it. What I've observed: 1. Sega_SG_1000: Music Update. Found snap.png files in Music folder, not music.mp3 files. 2. Sega_Saturn: Banner update. Found Several NBA Jam: Tournament Edition pics in place of several different games that were NOT NBA Jam IE:daytona usa - championship circuit edition 3. Sega_Saturn: Background Update: Found "Advert" files in place of "B
    3. "Best System Intro Movie" Yes, yes it is
    4. I love "DSU" it is such a great time saver. It's great not having to FatMatch anything and when adding just a few new roms to a system, it makes things very painless to update your artwork. And to get all artwork in a single click is just AMAZING!!! Great work to Circo and all that developed this Outstanding tool!!! DSU is the single most Best utility I have ever had the pleasure of using. Thank You So Much Suggestions: ------------------ One feature I'd like to see is something where the user can customize what the "All Artwork" will download. So "All Artwork" will also get you the Manuals,
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