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    Fuzzy Rename

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    EmuMovies Sync

    Sweet Thanks for the fix Tom! Hmm, no "Check for updated artwork" in V1.9.6? It appears to automatically do that by default now eh?
  3. janX

    EmuMovies Sync

    Carefull with your Assets over the last 12-24 hours guys, I recently was updating assets and found some issues with DSU placing the wrong art in the wrong folders. I think it's fixed now, so I didn't bug Circo or Spiers about it. What I've observed: 1. Sega_SG_1000: Music Update. Found snap.png files in Music folder, not music.mp3 files. 2. Sega_Saturn: Banner update. Found Several NBA Jam: Tournament Edition pics in place of several different games that were NOT NBA Jam IE:daytona usa - championship circuit edition 3. Sega_Saturn: Background Update: Found "Advert" files in place of "Background" Files 4. System_I_Don't_Remember_LOL: All Artwork Update: Was skipping some assest like advert, banner, background, but downloading snaps. There could be some other issues, as I have been updating my assets all week and with the release of 6 new DSU's, it is hard to say what else may have gone wrong withought looking through 10's of 1000's of pictures. Also, I'm not exactly sure of when the issue arose. It may have been yesterday. or last week when the updates began. I just notticed on march 15 in the evening. Hope this helps some people.
  4. B2K24 "Thanks for you're work Circo. Since GameEX and HS both support flv, is there any more need to be doing avi anymore?" Mala used FLV and Maximus Arcade only supports avi, and will never support avi as it's a dead project. It would be nice if front-ends supported both formats as I currently use 3 different front ends and the videos take a bite out of my Harddrives, thank got for the new 2TB drives But I understand the reason behind using the FLV format so I can see avi videos becoming extinct one day in Front-Ends. AVI would probably work fine on GameEx. but I doubt it would work well in HyperSpin due to the complicated themes, because you can't animate, stretch, rotate or add additional effects to normal .avi files.
  5. janX

    Best System Intro Movie

    "Best System Intro Movie" Yes, yes it is
  6. janX

    EmuMovies Sync

    I love "DSU" it is such a great time saver. It's great not having to FatMatch anything and when adding just a few new roms to a system, it makes things very painless to update your artwork. And to get all artwork in a single click is just AMAZING!!! Great work to Circo and all that developed this Outstanding tool!!! DSU is the single most Best utility I have ever had the pleasure of using. Thank You So Much Suggestions: ------------------ One feature I'd like to see is something where the user can customize what the "All Artwork" will download. So "All Artwork" will also get you the Manuals, Music and Videos (of a specified quality & format). Of course Videos have High Quality and Low Quality so if you choose HQ and they are not available DSU will instead choose the Lower Quality Automatically instead. Alternatively the user could set "All Artwork" to just download Snaps, Covers and Music etc... and leave everything else alone, as opposed to choosing specific sets individually. An "Update All Systems" feature would be kinda cool too. Just add checkboxes for all the systems you have in your collection and DSU will get content on all your systems in just one click. Of course, I can see this option being avoided as it might put a little too much strain on the EmuMovies Server. Lastly a "Read Me" file would be good as there are a few features that one may not fully understand. IE: "Check for Updated Files" does this search for updated files in the users rom collection or the EmuMovies database? Does it use the "have.txt" or "missing.txt" files or are those Text files just for personal use? These are not complaints just suggestions for this next to perfect utility. 5 Stars Baby!!!! Love it! Thanks again janX
  7. Right here!!! I'm an Maximus Arcade user. I've used many other frontends like HyperSpin, GameEx etc... but I like MA for it's ease of use. And it has pretty much all the features I need. MA is good for emu frontend beginners, and those that aren't overly interested in themeing to the last detail. I like HS and GEX, but they take a little more to set up, and have a bit of a learning curve to them, but they do look really nice, and have some really cool features too. I'd probably use HS more, but unlike MA, setting up your own folder structure is a little too time consuming for my taste.