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      Sync Server Upgrade in Process   02/15/2018

      We are currently in the process of migrating our sync server to a more powerful machine.  We expect minimal if any downtime, however if your having an issue over the next few days it's most likely on our end.  This upgrade has been in the planning stages for awhile and it's a pretty big one.  We are moving from a 4/8 cpu to a dual cpu 12/24 with double the ssd based storage capacity.  In addition to the move we will be working on upgrading the fuzzy matching capabilities.    


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  1. Casio PV-1000 3D Boxes Pack



    3d box set created from the nice work of billyc999.
  2. Login Failure

    I'm thiying to login as usual (DSU 2.2)... i'm a normal user, i just download png snaps. but today i can't login and just recibe the "Login Failure" error... there isa a log or something where i can look what is wrong I know there is other posts but they are too old, thats why i start a new one. Thanks, and sorry for my english
  3. New Users - Introduce Yourselves

    Hi all, first post, i'm with the hyperspin/launch comminity for a year or something like that and now will be checking here to see what happens