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  1. Demul is your best bet for Dreamcast. Unlike NullDC, Demul has actually had development activity within the last 6 years. And if you like Naomi or Atomiswave games (visually stunning in a MAME cab), Demul is the only way to go.
  2. Ended up just making one myself. Not a great video, but it works. lamachin.zip
  3. A user script was written for RocketLauncher to switch the config files for U360 digital joysticks automatically, depending on the game type. You could easily modify the AHK script to send command lines to a PACLed64 instead, which should be MORE than sufficient to light up every button you could ever have. The module is $60, and the LEDs button prices are relatively minimal ($5 a button?). Yes, creating the config .ini file would be a pain, but you have to remember that you could probably cover 75% of the games with 3-4 layouts. Most shmups only use buttons 1 and 2. Most fighters use 5 buttons in an "H" pattern, or all 6 (or 8 if you're SF IV). NeoGeo uses 4 in a row, etc. It's the remaining 25% that would take forever (Spy Hunter, and Assault are all good examples of games with overly-complicated controls). All I'm saying is your total investment would only be about $100. It's the programming time that would be the real cost.
  4. Is a gameplay video available for LA Machineguns? It's not on the FTP site as one of the 16 Sega Model 3 video snaps, which was surprising. I normally just pull off of YT if it's not available, but all of those are either camrips or from 16/9 format screens, which is completely wrong. I saw a user had completed this snap some time ago, but I can't find any evidence that it was ever posted... Thanks- A
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