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  1. Have we underailed this thread now? I thought that EmuMovies released two sets.. one in xvid/avi format and the other in flv for HyperSpin. Most FE's should be able to play flv's using a codec pack if they are using DirectShow API's to play the video. So really it's not a big issue other than people probably don't realise this about flv.
  2. So why delete what I post to sweep things under rug Brian? Why do you feel you have to delete my posts and explain things for NoLogic? Why don't you explain to the people that you unbanned NoLogic because you couldn't keep up with his alts? Tell them the real reason so everyone can have a laugh about it. But I suppose you will delete this post too? Sweeping the real issue under the rug.
  3. You know that was a subtle threat. And you may have fooled some people here with your "sorries" but you don't fool me.
  4. Is this a pathetic attempt at threatening me NoLogic?
  5. Speakng of which most of my code can be accessed by reputable people. But I have been seriously thinking of releasing all of my source code. The problem is finding good people to maintain it.
  6. Nologic has a second chance dont blow it

  7. I don't put malicious code in anything I write. You do and it is malware. That's not slander I'm just warning the people about you and what you're capable of. ie. Don't trust anything written by you. I think it's a fair warning. If you don't post your source then I wouldn't execute something by you. Not that anything you write is very hard to do in five minutes anyway. Most people I know write scripts these days. People like Tempest are very good now and I would trust anything written by him.
  8. Yes but TOSEC is a standard we either go with it or we don't. With GameEx's databases we support the main naming systems. It's a standard and we deal with the standard or we don't. I don't find it to be a problem other than it's a dying system and that is the problem. We should be supporting these naming systems because without them we lose standards, and with EmuMovies it's important to have matching video names to games. The databases I've created with the software I've written along with Flash and his hard work we've done an amazing job. I wouldn't like to think we would lose a naming scheme.. which does bring me to a question.. what is the naming scheme we should go for? NoIntro? TOSEC? GoodTool? We support all of them, but what is the way of the future?
  9. I think you are wrong because he codes in AutoIt which is not easily decompiled. ie. Impossible. So either your lying or just just covering up NoLogic's idea of malware. And yes it is malware Brian however you like to make out it's not. If NoLogic will accept to include his "source code" with his loaders then I have no problem.
  10. I understand that admin are giving NoLogic another chance. And I support that decision. But I would like people to know that NoLogic's loaders do contain malware and should be avoided. He has code in them that makes them fail if you are running GameEx. This is something I think the community should know since he will be a regular here now. So be careful, do not use his loaders if you are a GameEx user. I cannot say there is other malicious code in his loaders, so be forewarned. I consider his loaders as malware. I suggest you be careful.
  11. I don't think TOSEC is out of line at all??
  12. You should be able to resume.. but this is a problem with FTP.. I think there are better ways of dealing with this.. hopefully we can work on something thats better.. but until then, resume.. In FlashFXP you get to keep your list of downloads and resume not sure what Filezilla is like.
  13. NoLogic why post a list like that? Totally pointless! Do you think someone is going to take that list and do anything with it? It just makes for a long scroll.
  14. Not only do you pick a video format the requires custom codecs for playback, the format of video is totally unnecessary. All it is is a bunch of text and some impossible to see shots of your desktop. Why not just paste the text in the forum instead? Not that anyone would bother reading it as this info easily found on Google.
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