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  1. The current exact name of my atari 2600 pac-man rom is: Pac-Man (USA).a26
  2. I looked into it more. the strange video I see goes to the game: Pac-Man (Ebivision) (USA), which corresponds to a file named: Pac-Man-01.mp4 I just looked up Ebivision pac-man. A homebrew made in 1999. Maybe it was showing itself because I might have just named my rom 'pacman.bin' or something generic. The video to ebivision pac-man looks glitchy.
  3. pacman.a26 would be the rom name (or perhaps pacman.bin). The preview movie I see resembles pac-man, but is not the 'atari 2600' original pac-man by tod frye. Btw, I have no issue changing the preview video (for myself), but thought it was maybe a general emumovies issue. I also think Dintar's pac-man should have an official entry in emumovies. You can find it on Atariage. It is a homebrew not released on cart yet. Best pac-man past or present for atari 2600. It is simply incredible.
  4. The emumovies Atari 2600 pac-man snap video is incorrect. What is shown is an unknown glitchy looking pac-man I have not seen before. Just reporting this issue. I hope this is the right place.
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