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  1. If you don't already have one, sure. If you own a 360 just check craigslist and you can get a flash mod for somewhere in the ball park of $20-40 bux. Mine is flash mod with latest iXtreme and plays the latest games.
  2. For all you retro gamers in California, Davis is holding the annual Atari Party 2011 again. Looks to be a good time with prize give-aways. It'd be nice if my work would let me attend! Check the link for more info.
  3. Fired?! Oh nooooo!

  4. Its up, in WIP folder. Sorry I didn't have time but work is work.
  5. You got it. It'll have to wait til I get back from Oakland, but as soon as I hit home I'll toss it in WIP.
  6. Sure sure, just uh, where would you like it and how? I have a megaupload account and can up it there or if you want I can put it on the FTP. Let me know.
  7. Requesting the homebrew game Wind And Water Power Battles for Dreamcast vid snap. Avi if possible. Its the only one I'm missing and everytime I try to make one of it, the fps goes out the window. Great game too btw if you've never played it. Thanks!
  8. Very nice collection! I'm a big fan of the Neo-Geo/MVS cabs. If, and I say this very very loosely, if I ever start on another cab, it'll be a Neo-Geo one for MAME.
  9. Thanks Circo the Halo snap looks outstanding! If I think of another, I'll post. Again, thanks.
  10. Not exactly a "super new" game but, how about Halo. The first one. I've used Fraps and Camtasia and still can't get a good video out of it. REQUEST FILLED http://emumovies.com...at%20Evolved%20[2003].flv
  11. And where can I get friends like that?! That's the best price ever, Free-Ninety-Nine! Look forward to seeing more.
  12. That looks like it should be a nice cab when its completed.
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