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  1. If you don't already have one, sure. If you own a 360 just check craigslist and you can get a flash mod for somewhere in the ball park of $20-40 bux. Mine is flash mod with latest iXtreme and plays the latest games.
  2. For all you retro gamers in California, Davis is holding the annual Atari Party 2011 again. Looks to be a good time with prize give-aways. It'd be nice if my work would let me attend! Check the link for more info.
  3. Fired?! Oh nooooo!

  4. I thought the same thing but the drive is only a year old. It better not. Oh and I did back everything up. Don't want to loose anything again like that.
  5. Just an update since I've been away for a while recently. I was tinking around my cab early last week when my kid decided she wanted to play a game. I was working in windows so it was not a big deal to hand over my mouse to the 6 year old and let her play. As soon as she clicked the game icon on the desktop, my system froze. Not worried at all, I ctrl-alt-deleted, ended the task and restarted my puter. Dun dun duhhhh.... Upon restart, my E: drive totally dissapeared. Gone. 500gb of games, movie, programs, gone. I turned off my cab and went upstairs to cry. I haven't had the heart to turn it on or open her up since to check connections or anything. I was devastated. Until today. Yes, my hard drive has been restored! All files intact and clean. I had sometime today and took everything apart, disconnected, reseated and reconnected everything and my E: drive has appeared once more. I am soooo relieved. I'm guessing by the fix it must have been a connection issue. Either way, I'm ecstatic.
  6. No way! We had a Tandy 1000 as our first real computer, and I freaking loved it. I found of few of the roms and play Touchdown football still from time to time. I grew up with video games in our house. Atari 2600 was it! Then NES came out and we were always a system behind. Not until we got a decent computer (for the 80's) did I find my true calling, Sierra adventure games. Kings Quest, Kings Quest III and Black Cauldren, 3.5" floppy disc. Man, those were the days....
  7. Loppy I added a dozen or so more to the WIP folder. I got the Bargon.zip, looks great!
  8. It's cool loppyD, I added what I have to the FTP right now. Also, I upped the fps to 30 on the titles, meaning I deleted all the 25 I had done already and resnaped them. There is about 5 or 6 done as of right now. I'll get to these as I can periodically this week as fall semester just started (on Monday) and being on call hinders me too. Again, sorry this is taking so long.
  9. When I used MALA, I just made a folder in the emulator called Videos. They were all .avi files with the names matching the game. In the options menu, under other emu config, select the options tab. Then select the emulator and show the path to where you have your snaps. Hope this helps.
  10. So far, it works great! I had no idea how much MAME artwork I was missing (marquees and pcbs). I initially had a login problem but I think it was when Tom was tinkering with it a few hours ago.
  11. This is fantastic news! Big props to Team EmuMovies.
  12. Pheeewww.... I'm glad they look better now for you. I started the titles but when the quality issue came up, I halted it. LOL! I will continue when I get home.
  13. I used Camtasia since Fraps won't capture Scumm. Idk wtf is causing those nasty scanlines on your end loppy.
  14. Yeah I can upload whatever. If need be, I can capture a few at a more pleasant fps and see if it looks any better. These old games where mono sound mostly so I really don't think we'll be getting Dolby Digital from them!
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