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  1. According to keilmilllerjr on the the arcade controls forum, "I emailed mameseer Sunday because I couldn't register on their forum and google description is of images products. Shortly later I get a reply saying that he iced te registration on the forums, and he is working on releasing a new forum as fixing the google issue as we speak. I haven't had any issues/bugs with setting up and running maximus arcade on widows 8 yet. He will likely see a purchase from me soon."
  2. It seems the much loved and ghostly Maximus arcade is making a comeback. From what I gather the frontend is now owned or partnered with xgaming. The site has been refreshed and has seen one new forum post indicating how purchased licenses will be honored going forward. It's unclear if nameseer still involved and when we will see new versions of the application. http://www.xgaming.com/ http://maximusarcade.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2547
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