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  1. Howdy, Some of the forums I'm a part of have a topic or even dedicated forum of show us yours. So here goes my game. I built it 9 years ago, it has a 21 inch monitor in it. Currently running 9 year old software advanced mame and advanced menu. I'm finally building a new computer for it and redoing the cp electronics. It will be running hyperspin. I currently have a hacked KGB controller and 2 hacked mice. I'm going to a ultipac I have and need to get a optipac. Kill bill is the theme, and will probably become more of a quintons films themes in the future. Yes there is a kill bill 2 I built for a friend. Fortytwo
  2. Cool, But do you brake them apart and flat pack them for shipping. I can see that getting expensive.
  3. If there are two barbers in a town and one is good and the other sucks. How can you tell which one is the good one?
  4. Howdy. I'm building up my arcade and that includes some non video games. I found a pinball list, and a video list. I'm wondering is there a non video list. These are compiled off of ebay and other auctions.
  5. So if u read this right, in order to get videos without paying I have to manually download them? Because of the flashy intro to this site, its very confusing as to where to start and go. I wonder if that's to keep people out unless they need it. Fortytwo
  6. Hi, I have been running a mame cabinet for 10 years using hacked mice and hacked keyboard controllers. It's time to update the pc so I'm finally going to hyperspin ultipac optipac the whole none yards. Fortytwo
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