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  1. Well I love 3D Arcade I make arcades and cabinet models for it too, at the moment I making a remake of Luna City Arcade,you must know what that was.. ?? I have made a installed version of 3D Arcade too called 3D Arcade 10th Anniversary its here if you want to look.. 3darcade10th.juniorwebdevsnet.co.uk You can't beat the feeling it gives you when in the arcades... Spanner.. "In the begining of the end of tresteral man as he's know to be.."
  2. Thanks just what I need,I do use a program to make videos for 3D Arcade called EO Video v1.36 thats good for converting avi files.
  3. Hi all.. Can someone tell me what software you use to make videos,I want to make some for 3D Arcade...?
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