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  1. Oh chit... Anyway that starcastle should turn out pretty nice. Good luck!
  2. Hello, My name is Billy and I have have been around the emu community for awhile now. I started back in 98 over at arcade @ home. I kinda got side tracked for about ten years with all the emu related stuff out in the wild. I am a member at klov and byoac but frequent the klov forums the most. My collections atm is two mspac's, two stargates, centipede and a pit-fighter. I am currently trying to get all the pieces for a Mulit-Williams project together. I still need an iso, monitor and stencils for that project. One of my mspacs is up and running and the centi. So I have a spare mspac that i want to run a 60-1 in and the pit-fighter that should make a really nicer Hs project. My second stargate is a complete restore that im in the process of as well. I love your site and I will need to hit the subscription button in the near future so I can finish my hyper-spin pit-fighter project. Rock on...
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