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  1. So, I've been downloading as a free user some useful content around here and I thought about helping, I'ts not much but if everyone can throw their bits we'll make a cake. I have some manuals of sega genesis games that I've seen you're lacking. I could scan then, prepare nicely and upload so you guys can keep around. At least two games (Pirates Gold (US) and Megalomania (EU). How can I make then available to the site? Cheers. P.s. Uff I missed the "upload" button in download section ^^ got it.
  2. Hi. This is interesting. I'll have to give it a try soon. P.S. Is there a thread with what's lacking on the video database? I browsed some of my roms but all matched what was already uploaded :S P.S. Made one just like you instructed and to finalise I copied a generic mp4 setting (from one of the database) to match size and etc.
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