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  1. Great snaps for major games but a lot of the videos has spanish subtitles which is annoying.
  2. The app forces you to install in program files on C drive you cannot choose a drive. I wanted to install the app on my emulation drive so was a little annoyed with the app. Once I ave finished with it I will have to remove it because of this. Any change of updating this in future versions? Maybe a portable version?
  3. I see your a subscriber now so you fixed your issue that way 😉
  4. Vhero


    Loving the button colour choice.
  5. Using XB1 right now due to compatibility mostly.
  6. future gamers in the making
  7. Nothing wrong with going for that original look.
  8. Vhero

    Old Arcade Machine

    Simple and differnt way to do a cab without building a full cab. I like it!
  9. Anybody played it? What you think? Try to keep free from spoliers. Im on second playthrough on hard mode and loving it.
  10. I do love glowing buttons 🙂
  11. Vhero

    Side View

    Not jealous 😞
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