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  1. Hi, Was looking to add these games videos. would it be possible to have them made? Dropzone EuropeErnie els golf Europe (there is a official video but it was made with fusion emulator which does not run properly the game, so the video is not good. The game runs properly with meka)S.S. Lucifer man overboard EuropeTarzan lord of the jungle EuropeThanks
  2. today i was looking for everything in the ftp and i found that Urbsngansta101 already uploaded these videos in his directory. So, forget my request and thanks to urbangansta101.
  3. Hello, i don't know if this is the proper place but some sega cd videos are missing. Namely: -NFL Football Trivia Challenge (USA) -San Diego Zoo Presents... The Animals!, The (USA) -Sol-Feace (USA) -Ultraverse Prime (USA) i mean, they all have the video "this game is not playable" but these games are all playable with kega fusion 3.64. Maybe you have already uploaded these videos elsewhere, but i can't find them. So, i would appreciate some help. Thanks
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