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  1. You may have trouble with your DNS resolution. Try connecting to instead of ftp.emumovies.com. Also ping ftp.emumovies.com and see if it resolves to a dotted IP address. E
  2. juggling storage devices

  3. I wrote this batch file to move all of the mame videos from their subfolders to the parent folder. On the FTP the videos are in individual folders by letter and Hyperspin, as far as I can tell, doesn't search subfolders in a directory for videos. Just rename the file to .bat and drop it in the folder with all of your alphabetic folders and it will move them for you. E move.txt
  4. Same Here. I went to the Tiger Direct store to pick up an external HD. It turns out I should have just ordered it online. By the time I got to the store they had nothing. I just really didn't want to wait for the shipping.
  5. Sorry I was looking under the gallery - game rooms and projects section. I was going to upload a picture of my cab but I did not see an upload section now I see the "new album" button. So I assume you start albums in there as opposed to individual pictures. My mistake. THX
  6. I just tried to upload a picture under the MAME cabinet section and I can't find any way to do it. Is this just a setting that's turned off? E
  7. I have to say Hyperspin because of the eye candy and the community around it. I also used Mala and loved the feel and the plugin support.
  8. Hey There everyone Just saying Hi. I'm a Hyperspin and Pleasuredome junkie spending most of my time crunching all of the data that is posted every day. Now it seems I'm going to have to make some more time to peruse the posts over here. I just finished my cab and I'm working on the software piece now. My cab is a massive four player contraption that takes up far more space then I intended. I moved it in the house while the wife was at work so all is good. I'm hailing from the great state of Illinois home of corrupt politics and great pizza. I'm working on learning VB script so that I can get the history.dat file to display it's game information on my betabrite marquee when a game is loaded. I am an FTP member and think anyone that appreciates what Circo and the other contributors do should give a little back for all of their hard work. That's about it and I look forward to having yet another place to mingle with like minded folks. E
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