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  1. is there no way to download 240p? I don't need 480p, because of the arcade monitors resolution, it would be overkill edit: guess ill just download the free stuff for now
  2. I sent him a pm, in the meantime i am still clicking one by one why do files under 500kb take 5x as long to download as 3mb files? its kinda weird
  3. Jtag is the way to go i have a Jtagged jasper best xbox ever go on ebay and buy a xbox360 HDD enclosure from china (it works fine) and stick a 1tb laptop drive in it this will work much better than a usb connector drive
  4. very interesting stickerbomb look to the cabinet, i like it
  5. thats a weird cabinet to get upset over i mean neogeo is already a multi cade but there are plenty of empty cabinets in the wild finding them is the hard part
  6. I did not know that, good info but i guess the 1.3 update fixes it anyways
  7. who do i ask for this coupon code? i literally bought a platinum membership yesterday
  8. I end up blowing my money on cars and arcade machines tho and i am pretty tapped out with racing season starting and needing 2k for a transmission right now I thought the lifetime sub was $60 here?
  9. oh, well that sucks, i was hoping it would work with the 240p files
  10. So I finally scrounged up some cash and paid for a hyperspin platinum membership I installed hypersync and off i went to sync everything It appears it doesn't download any videos from emumovies (i only want the 240p ones) is there a reason this isn't working?
  11. you can actually just rename the .mp4 files to .flv in 1.2 this would allow them to play back just fine for me
  12. I like mala because it works with vert orentation but hyperspin sure is beautiful
  13. I now have 5 mame cabinets 1. 21" vert 2 player 3 button 2. 21" vert 1 player tron stick, trackball and spinner 3. 37" 4 player podium cabinet (great for simpsons and TMNT) 4. 29" sega blast city, this is going to be an all in one emulation unit 5. 29" crisis zone cabinet i am converting to a mame guncon cab
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