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  1. REALLY! Thats awsome! I will need to go back to hyperspin again and get DC working.... I dont remember why i thought it wasnt working.... Thanks for bring that to my attention
  2. Thanks Brenry, that was exactly what I was looking for! Good stuff
  3. building with Maximus, but only because hyperspin doesnt support Dreamcast yet...otherwise Hyperspin looks damn sexy
  4. Im surprised....lots of views and no response? Just curious how its done, is it an easy process?
  5. Thats cool Circo. I think I was able to get most of the videos volume normalized with your tool. I opened a new thread on how to make these videos, so as soon as someone can point me to some instructions I would be more then happy to try to make some videos for the ones we are still missing. Would be great to get a full list of DC Vids up and running. Thanks
  6. 26 hours later, and all videos are now uploaded under Work in progress\X69ander folder. There are still a few videos that are mute or low in volume, but for the most part these are good. I will continue to tweak these and hope to have all the kinks worked out in the next week or so. Thanks for all the help, hope we can all enjoy!
  7. What’s up peeps! I have been looking through the forum and have not found any threads dedicated to making your own videos for the roms on your arcade. I am very happy to see all the videos that have already been created and uploaded on this site and on the FTP, but was hoping that someone could explain what you would need, and how you would go about making these little gems!!! Or if there is a walk through that already exists please let me know... Thanks
  8. I am not sure on this one. I just used the original list of DC videos that I downloaded off the FTP, then I created a duplicate folder where I tried to normalize them. I went through each game one by one and picked the one that sounded best and created a 3rd folder....those are the ones I am currently uploading to the FTP. Also Ikaruga (looks like a great shooter), that is one of the few with no sound. So thinking there are a few of these that we will have to do over, then upload to the master file. Unfortinitly I dont know how to make videos, but if someone can show me I would be happy to do them. I will open another topic to see if i can get some guidence on how to make them. King of fighters- I must have missed that one being low, but I should be able to fix the volume on that one using Circo's tool. I will see if I can identify others that are still too low and try to fix the sound again.
  9. Been uploading for the last couple of hours... cant beleive that it takes this long! Only on letter C at this point, I will let it run through the night.... should be done by the morning Makes me appreciate all the goodies in the FTP that are already there!
  10. Ok I ran through all 215 DC videos from before and after I used the AVI Normalizer that Circo created, and combined the best sounding videos into one folder. I would be happy to upload into the FTP, and will do that tonight. I never did that before, but if its as easy as creating a folder and uploading it, then it shouldn’t be that difficult. Thanks to Circo for the AVI normalizer and Jochitco for the input.
  11. Ok so I went through all 215 movies after using the tool you created, I dont see a pattern in why some have perfect sound and others do not. It is pretty much 50/50, with videos with vs without sound, and not sure why... Circo, just a thought, but did this work for you for the Dreamcast Movies? If so Maybe you can just upload it in FTP? Thanks guys
  12. actually, I think I am wrong. First half of the list is great, second half of the list all Emumovies are without sound. Any thoughts on this riddle?
  13. I think you guys are right. It was actually the 107th file, wasnt sure if it was Monaco Grand Prix or Metropolis Street Racer, so I pulled both out and I didnt get that MP3 error again. Whent through a bunch of them and they all seem to be working nice and loud! Thanks Circo....once again, you done did good!!!
  14. Circo, thanks for whipping together this program. I tried it, and not sure why, but I keep getting a warning that the MP3 normalizer has stopped working, then I click close and it continues to run. When I checked the files after, some are now at a good volume, but a majority are now without volume... After I unzipped your file I clicked "normalize run me" after I place all 215 AVI Dreamcast files in that same folder. Problem seems to happen once I get to file 105.... Any thoughts?
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