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  1. Hey everybody, This is my first attempt at making content for the site. These videos will not be for everybody especially purists. These are videos that I recorded at 1080p and have been reduced to 480p. You are probably asking - Why on Earth would you do that? The answer is simply these work a lot better with the setup / theme that I am using and prefer them this way (I use Launchbox and the default Theme Critical Zone). I plan on making 250 videos in the next couple of weeks. This is just the first batch that I made tonight. Wanted to get feedback before cranking out anymore. I will be making videos of mostly obscure games and MS-DOS games. A lot of the current MS-DOS videos on the site seem to be in slide show format so I want to create all new full motion ones. I will be keeping my videos between 30 seconds to 1 minute long. By the way, I keep my game titles as generic as possible. The video I have of Command and Conquer for example is actually Command and Conquer Gold. I don't like all my titles saying remaster this or game of the year that. Let me know if you enjoy any of these or have any requests. Bloodstained - Curse of the Moon.mp4 Command & Conquer.mp4 Lands of Lore III.mp4 Quake II.mp4 Alan Wake.mp4 Apotheon.mp4 Blasphemous.mp4 Blood Fresh Supply.mp4
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