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  1. No not at first as you said "you can clearly see the problem" in a post above and you never said anything about sound issues in your original post. However I did just try it and maybe noticed some sound issues at the beginning when crash was getting extra lives but was hard tell with so many other sounds happening at the same time. If I wasn't listening for it not sure I would have noticed. In any case perhaps none of this will even matter as it sounds like Circo will be updating the files soon anyways so maybe hang out for that and hopefully all will be well then. I wish you luck tbm
  2. That's just it. I just viewed your link and it played perfectly for me so I like said you may want to try updating codec's, change video players in your settings or possibly update your video card driver. I am just trying to find a possible solution for you.
  3. I have not noticed any stuttering of my Launch Box Gamecube videos. You may want to try changing the video player in the option sections to see if that makes a difference and if hat does not work then like Shroud said I believe the Codecs may be the culprit
  4. That makes sense. Thanks for the info.
  5. I believe Launchbox allows you to choose what viewer open PDF game manuals and I cant seem to find one that just opens up the manual quickly and without any nag or into screens. Does anyone have any suggestions for a program that can just quickly pop up the manual?
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