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  1. Seriously needs to be updated to Hyperlist. Gah!
    Most of these look great. HOWEVER...for some unholy reason, quite a few PAL region games have the (USA) qualifier attached. Just a bit inaccurate.
  2. Why in the hell isn't this on the FTP? Only the one with the extra spine (wallywonka) is listed.
  3. I receive the following error Incorrect command line. Have redownloaded several times. No change. This is the only program on my computer with this issue.
  4. Is there any way to just download one at a time instead of the whole pack?
  5. Got it working great, but about 9 videos are missing: Air Zonk, Alien Crush, Ballistix, Battle Royale, Blazing Lazers, Bloody Wolf, Bomberman, Bomberman '93, and Bonk III. Also, Double Dungeons is missing it's audio for most of the video.
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