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  1. Ok so as u guessed I aint from this neck of the woods, I got the site from another forum who breifly explained what is, Im currently rebuilding a mauled '81 cocktail table (unfortunately all that is any good is the actual table) I have had lots of info about the build but now have been shown this site and told to come here and find out more about videoclips and how they run etc. After much debate I think GameEX is the way I want to go as it is apparently simple to run and set-up and after surfing round here have found that gameEx does infact incorp emumovies now so thats even more reason to find out more about it and how to download/run and setup these clips! ANY HELP WOULD BE MASSIVELY APPRECIATED BUT I AM A TOTAL VIRGIN AND DONT KNOW VERY MUCH AT ALL (EVERYTHING I DO KNOW HAS BEEN TAKEN ON BORAD IN THE LAST 4 DAYS!!) SO PLEASE KEEP DESCRIPTIONS TO BARE SIMPLE ENGLISH AS I WONT UNDERSTAND!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!
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