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  1. simply Austin is on fire .. as always ! thanks Austin ! :-)
  2. sames here... well well..... Let's go back to fallout 4 !! :-)
  3. Hi everybody ! I'm a 40 years French player of arcade and video games for now.. well since i'm 11... time flies.... well anyway, I love arcade games (I started playing video games with an odyssey machine ...) : these games are pretty easy to understand, but you need a lot of practise, if you want to master the games ! I can't find any adrenaline rush as with arcade games (Next gen games are nice but too short) I was shocked with the NEO GEO .. nowadays, this is still me preferred arcade machine. For years, we all loved to see titles, snap, artworks in our MAME emulators.... cool but not perfect. Then I bought an XBOX (1st one), cracked it and played MAME coinops and I really enjoyed these video previews.... At last I discovered Emumovies.. "the loop is now completed" as we say, here in France. I'm now playing with my madcatz TE + My HTPC + GameEX + the videos of Emumovies !! It's great ! A very long work ! thank again from all the players ! Amiga rules ... oups ...wrong forums... Arcade rules !! PS : English isn't my first language.. so please be gentle with the "French fries eater"
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