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  1. Hyperspin on my desktop, since it has the most power GameEx on my Custom Arcade (now gone) because of limitation and specific goals (used to have a ArcadeVGA on old Hantarex monitor so no need for modern/current gen stuff) Nowadays with big UHD 4k screens i'm using Kodi+Rom Collection Browser (not a poll option though)
  2. What are the current payment methods beside Paypal? Would it be possible, now or in the future to use Bitcoin or any altcoin to pay for membership?
  3. Bumping this old thread because it seemed better than making a new one.... Indeed, Hi to all I'm new, kind of.... Actually i have been member for years and i just revived my old login because buying an Android TV reignited my passion for a presentable install of my vast rom-collections In the past i've dabbled with Hyperspin and at a point i made a GameEx driven Custom Arcade Cabinet which is already long gone by now Currently i'm setting up Kodi on my PC and Android TV on which i am using Rom Collection Browser addon to access my games I still have a lot of my old files but figured it couldn't hurt to see here if eventually i can add some of the many things that have been added over time See you guys around!
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