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  1. All true.... I have to admit to feeling disappointed with the way Occulus have gone about things. For instance within 10 minutes of trying out the DK2 i realised they needed controllers in the vr space, and started looking forward to what they would do, it seemed obvious. But to launch without controllers is just daft, and while it doesn't ruin games and "experiences" that don't make use of your hands and arms, it limits what you can do greatly. No developer is going to develop for the occulus controllers if they aren't standard..... Pool Nation VR - http://store.steampowered.com/app/269170/ This game just isnt possible without vr controllers, and looks like an absolute blast. Decisions like this, and the recent announcements about the store and development restrictions, make me want to start saving for the Vive. Elite dangerous with a Hotas-x is ridiculous, when your hands move on the joystick, and well, they move in the game...... Its so immersive.
  2. Its a separate emulator specifically for VR https://dolphinvr.wordpress.com/ That's dolphin There's also PPSSPP VR, a psp emulator that when it works is amazing. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/3p5a5v/ppsspp_vr_playstation_portable_emulator/ Wipeout Pure in particular is ridiculous
  3. Does the controller on the base / stand work?
  4. guzzla

    "Cut the red wire"

    Sweet cable management
  5. Been using a Rift DK2 with Dolphin for a while now. Zelda Wind walker is utterly jaw dropping, almost made for VR.
  6. Hyperspin for me, its like a beautiful but crazy girlfriend. Intoxicating
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