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    Birmingham, Alabama
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    Music, Computers, Electronic Gadgets, PhotoGraphy, Collecting Hand Guns, Old Coins, Stamps, Pocket Knives.. Making my wife laugh everyday and keeping her happy. i married my High School Sweetheart 25 years ago. We are Married and We are Best Friends. She is a Programmer.
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About Me

i live in the South. i Actually live in Alabama. i have lived here my whole life. i HATE living here. It get HOT. It gets REAL HOT. Growing up i had the chance to travel with friends and i got to see much of the United States. i spent the Summer of 1986 in New York and Boston. In 2008 my Brother and his wife moved to Dallas which gave me the chance to drive out and spend some time with them. It's really Funny how Birmingham, Alabama and Dallas, Texas thinks they are such BIG cities when actually they are just over sized country hick towns. Go to New York and try walking from  one end to the other. You can't do it.!!!! 

Okay.. enough of that. i studied music in college. i am a classically trained musician. Trumped and piano. A little flute and baritone. Instead of teaching music for a life choice i decided to build and repair computers. i really enjoy doing that. Especially when i build them for myself.!!!

i still play video games.. A LOT!!! Brutal Doom!!! Project Brutality v3.0!!! Serious Sam 4, Doom 4... Oh, and Windows XP Solitaire. i still carry that program around with me on a thumb drive. i don't like the new solitaire on windows 8 and windows 10. So i play Windows XP solitaire.

One more thing about me. i drive a 2005 Honda CR-V 5-Speed Stick Manual Transmission. (Today is, 05.02.2021) So, it's like 16 years old and has 218,000 miles on it. i will NEVER give it up. Main reason.. Can't find a Stick Shift anymore. They stopped making them!!!! i have NEVER Owned an automatic vehicle. AND NEVER WILL!!!!

 i am a BIG TIME Audiophile. Everything is Digital. i have a USB/DAC plugged into my Computer... on to that i have a Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver broadcasting throughout the house. On my head i have a pair of VERY Expensive Sony DJ Pro Headphones. These Headphones Sound GREAT. Lots of Bass and the Mids and Highs sound Perfect!!! i can hear each and every word in every song!!!!

 When i got the USB/DAC and the Sony Headphones... my Whole world changed. i had 6 years of ear training during my college years. i thought i knew what music sounded like. i did not. But now i do!!!!! 

Okay... i am starting to get a little wordy. i have a hard time expressing myself. Sorry i typed way too much!!!!! Later,

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