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  1. If it counts my very first would be the Game and Watch called Parachute. But a true video game would be Christmas 1984 when I got my Atari 2600 with Dragonfire, Robot Tank and Space Invaders. I cant remember which one I played first....
  2. My name is John, from the land downunder. I have used emulators for many years reliving my arcade and console experiences from my childhood. I am also a collector of retro game consoles and handhelds. I also have a collection of retro PC's from the IBM 5150 up to old school 486's and Pentium's. Four years ago I decided together an arcade machine myself from scratch, using an original Street Fighter II cabinet. I run the Maximus Arcade frontend with emulators including MAME, Sega Model 2, Model 3 and Sega Naomi plus Pinball. It also makes a great jukebox. I also run a dedicated emulation pc that ties in with my console collection to relive all my console favourites without the unnecessary stress to my collection. Emulation has been a big addition to my collecting for many years and has allowed me to build something I have thought about doing for years, which is my own arcade machine. As good as it was, it never felt quite finished. Finding the Emumovies website has allowed me to give my arcade machine the frontend design it has long been waiting for. Lifetime membership to this site was a no brainer. This is an excellent site with some very talented and generous people. I look forward to being a part of it.
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