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  1. If it counts my very first would be the Game and Watch called Parachute. But a true video game would be Christmas 1984 when I got my Atari 2600 with Dragonfire, Robot Tank and Space Invaders. I cant remember which one I played first....
  2. My name is John, from the land downunder. I have used emulators for many years reliving my arcade and console experiences from my childhood. I am also a collector of retro game consoles and handhelds. I also have a collection of retro PC's from the IBM 5150 up to old school 486's and Pentium's. Four years ago I decided together an arcade machine myself from scratch, using an original Street Fighter II cabinet. I run the Maximus Arcade frontend with emulators including MAME, Sega Model 2, Model 3 and Sega Naomi plus Pinball. It also makes a great jukebox. I also run a dedicated emulati
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