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    1. Well, I hate to keep responding to my own message. But I figured I'd post the "solution" although not really a solution. I downloaded a converter to switch them from mp4 to flv. The flv files play with no issues. I would still love another solution.. I have a lot of videos that I need to convert. I suspect its the video card that's the issue. I have read through an old thread that talks about Arcade VGA and hardware acceleration. Although, my ATI 4800 is not Arcade VGA it is the same chipset. It has been modified using a firmware for Groovy Mame. This essential makes it an Arcade VGA (multisny
    2. Also forgot to mention I am using an ATI Radeon HD 4800 series video card.
    3. Windows 7 Pro. Rochet Launcher and HyperSpin. All videos downloaded using HyperSync and are in the Media folder. The wheel appears to load the video, because I can hear the audio, but no picture. I have tried to play the movies using Window's Media Player and the results are the same. I can hear the audio, but no picture. Does anyone have a suggestion? I would greatly appreciate it!
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