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  1. Best place for these snaps is probably Screen Scraper.
  2. Really awesome project - well done! Any plans to do this for the N64 Japanese releases?
    Nice, but might be nicer if they were displayed in their appropriate cases, such as what you have done with the 3D Saturn boxes.
    These are great, and the best disc images IMO as they are .PNG and don't have a white background. Great if you could do a USA/Europe set too!
    Kondorito - these are brilliant. So much better than the "cleaner" standard boxes. I wish you would make these kind of boxes for all platforms!
  3. Yes, I see now. Much nicer boxes. Funny how a few little changes here and there make such a difference. My only other comment is that perhaps the images could be made a bit bigger, as when I view them fullscreen they only take up a small portion of the screen space. I am running a 4K monitor so maybe that is something to do with it.
  4. These look good! Are these different to the ones that Launchbox automatically downloads from its database?
  5. OK, though there are quite a few. Below are the MAME games for letters A and B where the 3D boxes are missing: 4-D Warriors; Repulse; Ace Attacker; Aero Fighers 3 (Sonic Wings 3); Age of Heroes - Silkroad 2; Agress; Aqua Rush; Aquarium; Ark Area; Astro Chase; Athena no Hatena; Attack Pla Rail; Bal Cube; Balloon Brothers; BanBam; Bang Bang Ball; Baryon Future Assault; Beam Invader; Bestri; Big Fight; Bikkuri Card; Billiard; Bio Attack; Birdiy; Bishi Bashi Championship; Black Touch; Blastaball; Blazing Lazers; Block Carnival; The Block Kuzushi; Blocken; Blue Hawk; BnB Arcade; Bomb Kick; Bon
  6. Would it be possible to upload your template so that we can change some items or add missing ones? Thanks!
  7. Did you sort this? Also, did you have to resize the 2000+ plus bezels for the MAME collection? Surely there is an easier way than resizing each bezel individually. Why do they need to be resized anyway? Weren't they made at the correct size?
  8. Thanks - but are these for use with MAME? MAME should have either .png and .art files, or .png and .lay files for newer versions. These zips only contain .png and .ini files.
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