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  1. I like zipped but RetroArch unzips them when playing, and does it in the same folder! it doesnt delete them when im done so I end up with both Anyone know how to change this behavior?
  2. Which do? I like the curved CRT look, but havent found any shaders that do that?
  3. I think Mp4's are just better than flv's, I say take the plunge and upgrade HS to take advantage of your Mp4's. It's a lot easier to just upgrade HS than to convert 1000's of mp4's anyway!
  4. Anyone got any good recomendations on Scanline Filters for RetroArch? I also prefer scanlines, it was how the games were designed for at the time.
  5. is Retro FE the same thing as RetroArch, in the poll?
  6. Any Killer Instinct 1 Fans? That game was ahead of it's time!
  7. I'm using Retro Arch currently but once I have all the videos from Emu movies I'm gonna retry setting up HyperSpin again, or maybe Launchbox Big Box Mode.
  8. Here are the Retro Arch cores I personally use:
  9. Hey Austin! I got into retroarch because of your video, and subbed also. I love your content, keep it up!
  10. Hey Everyone - I'm not new to this forum but have never introduced myself. I'm Keeper, and live in Australia. I love the site changes and I'm here to get back into retro gaming!