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  1. I like zipped but RetroArch unzips them when playing, and does it in the same folder! it doesnt delete them when im done so I end up with both Anyone know how to change this behavior?
  2. retro arch shaders

    Which do? I like the curved CRT look, but havent found any shaders that do that?
  3. EmuMovies quality in my old Hyperspin setup

    I think Mp4's are just better than flv's, I say take the plunge and upgrade HS to take advantage of your Mp4's. It's a lot easier to just upgrade HS than to convert 1000's of mp4's anyway!
  4. Anyone got any good recomendations on Scanline Filters for RetroArch? I also prefer scanlines, it was how the games were designed for at the time.
  5. EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    is Retro FE the same thing as RetroArch, in the poll?
  6. Best Arcade Game Ever?

    Any Killer Instinct 1 Fans? That game was ahead of it's time!
  7. What Frontend Do YOU Use?

    I'm using Retro Arch currently but once I have all the videos from Emu movies I'm gonna retry setting up HyperSpin again, or maybe Launchbox Big Box Mode.
  8. Best emulator for each system?

    Here are the Retro Arch cores I personally use:
  9. Hey Austin! I got into retroarch because of your video, and subbed also. I love your content, keep it up!
  10. New Users - Introduce Yourselves

    Hey Everyone - I'm not new to this forum but have never introduced myself. I'm Keeper, and live in Australia. I love the site changes and I'm here to get back into retro gaming!