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  1. This is great stuff, never had the opportunity to play the C64 in my childhood, but it has been a blast emulating the games so far
  2. Feels like it would be diffrent for everyone, hard to make a end-all steam intro video me thinks.
  3. Keep up the good work Riffman, know that the community appreciates your efforts greatly!
  4. Wii or PS2, but i'm really happy that you are working on anything really, this is such a great asset to the emu community!
  5. That's a great idea, Ill see if i can make that happen for myself and provide a solution for you aswell!
  6. Sonic 2 for the Sega Mega Drive, even through the game is short the number of times I have replayed it is crazy!
  7. Thanks for this! I usually use Maximus on lower end computers with MAME but this was a constant problem that is now solved!
  8. Thanks Circo, did not realise i was missing alot of the content in that wheel pack!
  9. Bartops are always so cool looking, almost wish i would have built one instead of a full size one, it takes up sooo much space!
  10. I have inclined buttons on my machine and i love em, 3 years+ so far, no sign of breaking yet!
  11. Woah, this is crazy! This might just need to be my next project, haha! Great job!
  12. To me, I like the first one with the colors the best, but I can understand the sleekness of the all black aswell. Love your work sofar!
  13. http://www.ledblinky.net/ledblinky.htm Check this out, I believe this does what you're looking for!
  14. I also feel like I need to thank you for your clear videos, made it really easy for me to get back into this hobby! :)
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