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  1. Recently actually had the nerve to give Retroarch a try thanks to one of your vids austin lol pretty nice i must say its currently running cores for everything up to PS1 i thought about using a PSX core but... idk if itd be any advantage over say espxe
  2. Dig Dug 1 Nintendo NES Brought to America By namco
  3. So noticed of all the videos thats the only one missing would be great to see it on there as its a fun/entertaining game In all resolutions prefrably Thank you!
  4. As the Title Says any chance anyone has Atari 7800 Wheel Images for games for Hyperspin i ask because id assume alot of hyperspin guys float here as well and i saw a post of a uploaded set on Hyperspin however the link given is dead maybe someone here has said ones that can reupload or maybe even the author is around or anyone has customs theyd be willing to share?
  5. Ya id want to use the new features lol like hyperpause looks amazing with the easy change disks and reading manuels and move lists but im on 2+ weeks working on my hyperspin ill upgrade to it eventually when i have the time and paitence and get my current build all fixed up and by then im sure there will be a even more stable compact download Amazing work on it though for the team involved
  6. Ya i tryed and gave up lol I Dont understand how im supposed to organize the folders Im so used to just the normal hyperspin expierence and it just seems like the way it looks now i have to relocate everything into Hyperlaunchs "new" media folders and just cant be bothered lol right now been setting up hyperspin and its videos artworks etc for like 2 weeks now not ready to stepup to that but it does look amazing
  7. I Did try it i couldnt even figure out how to install it cause when i was downloading the stuff from dropbox everything became renamed into just crazy different things and files were everywhere im not trying to insult it or offend anyone by any means from what ive seen and the videos it looks amazing but it got me all mixed up so ima wait EDIT: Retrying it now it seems to have downloaded correctly this time
  8. Im new i talk alot soo lol im like 5 people..lol
  9. Guy down the street from me somehow found a beat up arcade cabinet in detroit outside some closed down bar minor fixes lucky ass dude
  10. Looks good what are you making it out of? trying to figure out supplies for mine
  11. On a second note does anyone else think the PS4 looks horrible?
  12. Last I read Developers got burnt out on working on it but with Hyperlaunch 1.3 out now looks like things may speed up a bit
  13. Hyperspin may be changing to Maximus later
  14. Nice anyone know if there keeping the same prices?
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